Marathons that should be in Your Bucket list

There is one thing that has not changed about marathons through centuries and that is, marathoners have always been considered to be heroes with super stamina and super will power. This is true in every aspect as any marathoner has to be supremely fit to be able to just complete a race.

Running the marathon is almost an addiction for many as it is a test of how much the limits of endurance can be pushed. It is almost as if the body is screaming to give up but the mind and the psyche pushes the marathoner forward. I

It is this challenge to conquer physical barriers that makes running the marathon so fascinating and alluring.

If you are a marathoner at heart, here is a bucket list of marathons that you should complete in your lifetime.

Paris Marathon

If you want to run through history and some of the archaeological splendors of the world, the Paris Marathon should be the run for you. The race starts from the imposing Arc De Triumph, continues down Champs – Elysees and past the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Seine. The statistics of this race is truly mind boggling. Runners from over 145 countries take part with participants from abroad only crossing 27,000 in numbers. The thought of a trip to Paris should be an added incentive for you to participate in the race.

Sydney Marathon

The Sydney Marathon goes through the city’s iconic landmarks and is an awesome experience for first-timers to the city. The run starts at the Bradfield Park, crosses the Harbour Bridge, traverses the Centennial Park and finishes on the steps of the famous Sydney Opera House. The marathon is a flat and fast course over major roads of the city. It is a great opportunity to take part in an internationally well known event in one of the greatest cities of the world.

Midnight Sun Marathon Norway

After you have done a number of city marathons in sweltering heat and humidity, it is time you gave an Arctic run a try. From May 20 to July 22 in Norway the sun does not set really, one reason why the country is often referred as the land of the “midnight sun”. To cap it all the marathon starts at midnight in bright sunlight, an experience that you as a marathoner will be unlikely to ever forget. Runners have a great view of the Norwegian Sea as most of the race is run along the coast.

The Great Wall Marathon, China

The Great Wall of China is the only man made structure that can be seen from outer space. Running the Great Wall Marathon should therefore be a privileged experience for you. It is also one of the most difficult marathons that you can ever participate in. There are steep climbs on the Wall which locals have aptly named as the “Goat Track”. Participants run through old villages and hillsides with panoramic views. This marathon is not for the faint hearted but one that you should definitely not miss.

For variety of experiences these four marathons take the cake and should therefore definitely be in your bucket list.